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International Transport Corridor
Europe - Caucasus - Asia

TRACECA is a complex multi-modal transport system in countries of the region including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, which aims to develop economic and trade relations and transportation links between countries and regions that is a significant contribution to the revival of the Silk way.


Why HT?

At HT our culture is about exceeding our customers expectations and providing a place for our employees to make a career and do well for themselves. Our environment breeds success, and you will notice that our people move faster, work harder and are better rewarded than our competition.

It's a simple philosophy that works. We will do all we can to protect our culture.


UBEX Service

Ulaanbaatar Express

The new direct service will connect the ports in Turkey, Ambarli, Izmir, Gemlik & Mersin to Russia, Novorossiysk & Ulaanbaatar.

These new direct service will enable shipments to arrive early with the new direct twice-a-week service from Istanbul to Novorossiysk offering increased options while exporters using HT's transit times reduced to 24 daysto Ulaanbaatar by rail delivery services.



KYREX Доставки с Турции в Бишкек за 21 дней

HT предлагает абсолютный контроль над грузом. Качественно высокий уровень предоставляемых услуг делает компанию лидером в сфере логистики Кыргызстан.

Мы эффективно решаем любые задачи, связанные с хранением, транспортировкой, обработкой и таможенным оформлением грузов.


Corporate Members

Cargo Tracking

ht.tr® Internet Tracking

Meeting the needs of the logistics professional. ht.tr® is HT's web-based track and trace system.


As a member of your tender team, we will assist you in winning the contract by giving you detailed on transport issues...

Origin Services

Vendor expediting, collection, marshalling, packing, export customs clearance, delivery to port are all taken care...

Destination Services

HT project department uses the local expertise and facilities of HT and their agents in over 150 countries to provide...

Marine Chartering

Customized full and part chartering of break-bulk, heavy lift and river vessels, barges, tugs and supply boats...



Bringing these new direct LCL services from Turkey enables us to provide more options for businesses in Black Sea to deliver their products to Ukraine & Russia and in the meantime, strengthen our overall capacity of LCL services. It will also help further enhance the competitiveness of Odessa & Novorossiysk ports in Black Sea market.

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